Professional Housekeeping Services – Keep Your Surroundings Clean

Keep your environment clean and professional with our housekeeping services

Over the years, we have been fortunate to offer our housekeeping services to many clients, especially light housekeeping for seniors. This expertise is made available to you with top quality services tailored to the needs of your individuals, whatever it may be. When a senior citizen looks out for the need of a housekeeper, he must be looking for someone punctual, consistent and professional at his tasks.


Are your housekeeping needs already covered?

We also offer general maintenance services by qualified personnel who ensure that your premises are in order at all times. We offer a wide range of services for your home and nearby area.

  • Cleaning and housekeeping services that stand out
  • Stable cleaning crews who know your property and provide you with professional, reliable and thorough cleaning on every visit.
  • Cleaning quality assessments and frequent reporting
  • A high-performance, functional and safe living environment, as well as cutting-edge and efficient cleaning technology.
  • commercial office maintenance
  • Office cleaning services

From the living room to the bathroom, the overall cleanliness of your home plays an important role in the well-being of an individual. It brings satisfaction as a safe living place can bring right the impression you make on your family and visitors. At Cordiality Home Services, we bring the best professional housekeeping services for tackling light housekeeping for seniors.

Our regular services include:

  • Dust and clean work surfaces, garden and cabinets in the kitchen
  • Clean window screens, disinfect door handles and all office items
  • Dust baseboards, frames, light fixtures, blinds, moldings and window sills
  • Remove stains and fingerprints from walls and switch boards
  • Clean stair railings
  • Vacuum the carpet and wash floors
  • Clean sinks, counters, under and over the microwaves, refrigerators, tables and chairs
  • Disinfect and maintain hygiene of sinks, vanities, bowls and urinals, door handles, thermostats, switches and flush levers
  • Polish mirrors, chrome faucets and accessories
  • Fill the soap and paper dispensers
  • Empty the recycling bins
  • Remove leaves and dirt from the windows

Domestic & Light Housekeeping for Seniors


Our team of home attendants offers housekeeping services that make daily life easier for seniors and keep their living environment healthy and pleasant.

We are a team of experienced professionals with an aim to provide professional housekeeping services to the elderly.


Holding a job at Cordiality Home Services takes dedicated, dynamic and motivated people of heart to help seniors and caregivers. The human contact and the commitment of our employees make a difference in the well-being of our customers.

All of our employees providing light housekeeping for seniors’ services have successfully completed the training for patient attendants. In addition, each employee benefits from continuous training. At Cordiality Home Services, interpersonal skills and work ethic are the core necessity of our customer services.

If you are looking for professional housekeeping services, then Cordiality Home Services is the perfect choice for you!